Bacteriological studies

Antibodies of the IgG class to cysticerci of the pork tapeworm (Taenia solium)Bacteriological examination from the noseBacteriological examination of breast milkBacteriological examination of fecesBacteriological examination of spermBacteriological examination of sputumBacteriological examination of the conjunctival mucosaBacteriological examination of the earBacteriological examination of the pharynxBacteriological examination of the urethraBacteriological examination of the woundBacteriological examination of urineBacteriological examination of urogenital discharge from 3 pointsBacteriological examination of urogenital secretionsBlood for sterility (blood culture)Buck seeding from the vaginaSowing on pathogens of intestinal infection with the determination of sensitivity to the main spectrum of antibioticsSowing on the microflora of the separated urogenital tract of a woman with the identification of microorganisms, includingTank culture of fluid from the pleural cavityTank culture of urine for microfloraTank seeding prostate secretion (prostate juice)Tank sowing from the affected areatank.research dental deposits on microflora and senses. to antibioticstank.research feces for dysbacteriosis and feelings. to antibioticstank.research from any organs and tissues to mushrooms and senses. to antibioticstank.research from the mouth and senses. to antibioticstank.research from the oral cavity fungi and feelings. to antibioticstank.research from the skin and the senses. to antibioticstank.research from the urogenital organs (from 2 points)tank.research saliva (for dysbios) and feelings. to antibioticstank.research vydel.(–°ervical)tank.research with the mucous membrane of the eye and sensitivity to antibioticsTreponema (Treponema)
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