Aesthetic restorationAlginate castAnesthesiaC-1 (superficial caries)C-2 (medium caries)C-4 (deep caries involving the pulp chamber)Caries treatment (deep)Castable custom abutmentCeramic inlayClasp prosthesis on a clasp prosthesis on claspsClasp prosthesis on attachmentsCleaning of dental deposits using: ultrasonic scaler, Air flow, polishing (polishing)Closed curettage of the 1st toothComposite tabComposite veneers, laboratory-madeCustomized zirconia abutmentDentist's consultationDevitalizing paste ( Devit - S )Dual canal toothDual canal tooth, calcium hydroxidee-max veneersExtraction of broken instruments from the canalExtraction of the anchor pinFissure sealingFixation of crownsFlap surgery in the area of ​​one tooth (for periodontitis)Four-channel tooth, root canal fillingHome teeth whiteningHypoallergenic prosthesisInstalling a fiberglass pinLamellar complete removable dentureLamellar partially removable prosthesisMembraneMetal tabMetal-ceramic crown on the implantMetal-ceramic crown with ceramic shoulderMetal-ceramic crown, complicated applicationMetal-ceramic crown, simple applicationmini-implantNylon micro prosthesisNylon removable dentureOpen curettage of one areaPin removalPlastic microprosthesisPreventive procedures (first degree)Preventive procedures (second degree)Preventive procedures (third degree)Reconstruction of the proximal cavityRelining of removable dentures, one-stage (clinical)Removal of an impacted toothRemoval of dental depositsRemoval of sutures and antiseptic treatment of the woundRemoval of tooth sensitivityRemoving a cast crownRemoving the stamped crownResection of a single root toothResection of a three-rooted toothRestoration of a tooth stump for a crownRestoration of one front tooth (artistic restoration)Restoration of the tooth stump (anchor + composite)Restoration of the tooth stump (fiberglass + composite)Restoration of the tooth stump with a compositeScrew implant removalSilicone impression, two-layersingle canal toothSingle canal tooth, calcium hydroxideSingle canal tooth, root canal fillingSingle channel pulpitisSingle-channel tooth (mechanical and medical treatment)Single-root canal treatment and canal obturation using medicinesSinus lift openSinuslifting closedSolid metal crownSplinting of one toothSurgical lengthening of the crown part of the toothTeeth fluoridation (1 jaw)Teeth whiteningTeeth whitening - Cuctama ZoomTherapeutic pad ( Vitre Bond, Lonisut)Three-channel pulpitisThree-channel toothThree-channel tooth (mechanical and medical treatment)Three-channel tooth, root canal fillingTreatment of caries (medium)Treatment of caries (superficial)Treatment of three root canals + canal obturation using medicinesTreatment of two root canals + canal obturation using medicinesTwo-channel pulpitisTwo-channel tooth (mechanical and medical treatment)Two-channel tooth, root canal fillingUnsealing of one canal (Reendo-removal of material, mechanical processing)Unsealing of root canals (complex, 1 canal)Unsealing of root canals (simple, 1 canal)Using the ICON system (DMG - Germany)Washing the infected canal with calcium hydroxide + temporary fillingZirconia crownZirconia crown on the implantС-3 (deep caries)
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