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Aesthetic restorationAlginate castAnesthesiaC-1 (superficial caries)C-2 (medium caries)C-4 (deep caries involving the pulp chamber)Caries treatment (deep)Castable custom abutmentCeramic inlayClasp prosthesis on a clasp prosthesis on claspsClasp prosthesis on attachmentsCleaning of dental deposits using: ultrasonic scaler, Air flow, polishing (polishing)Closed curettage of the 1st toothComposite tabComposite veneers, laboratory-madeCustomized zirconia abutmentDentist's consultationDevitalizing paste ( Devit - S )Dual canal toothDual canal tooth, calcium hydroxidee-max veneersExtraction of broken instruments from the canalExtraction of the anchor pinFissure sealingFixation of crownsFlap surgery in the area of ​​one tooth (for periodontitis)Four-channel tooth, root canal fillingHome teeth whiteningHypoallergenic prosthesisInstalling a fiberglass pinLamellar complete removable dentureLamellar partially removable prosthesisMembraneMetal tabMetal-ceramic crown on the implantMetal-ceramic crown with ceramic shoulderMetal-ceramic crown, complicated applicationMetal-ceramic crown, simple applicationmini-implantNylon micro prosthesisNylon removable dentureOpen curettage of one areaPin removalPlastic microprosthesisPreventive procedures (first degree)Preventive procedures (second degree)Preventive procedures (third degree)Reconstruction of the proximal cavityRelining of removable dentures, one-stage (clinical)Removal of an impacted toothRemoval of dental depositsRemoval of sutures and antiseptic treatment of the woundRemoval of tooth sensitivityRemoving a cast crownRemoving the stamped crownResection of a single root toothResection of a three-rooted toothRestoration of a tooth stump for a crownRestoration of one front tooth (artistic restoration)Restoration of the tooth stump (anchor + composite)Restoration of the tooth stump (fiberglass + composite)Restoration of the tooth stump with a compositeScrew implant removalSilicone impression, two-layersingle canal toothSingle canal tooth, calcium hydroxideSingle canal tooth, root canal fillingSingle channel pulpitisSingle-channel tooth (mechanical and medical treatment)Single-root canal treatment and canal obturation using medicinesSinus lift openSinuslifting closedSolid metal crownSplinting of one toothSurgical lengthening of the crown part of the toothTeeth fluoridation (1 jaw)Teeth whiteningTeeth whitening - Cuctama ZoomTherapeutic pad ( Vitre Bond, Lonisut)Three-channel pulpitisThree-channel toothThree-channel tooth (mechanical and medical treatment)Three-channel tooth, root canal fillingTreatment of caries (medium)Treatment of caries (superficial)Treatment of three root canals + canal obturation using medicinesTreatment of two root canals + canal obturation using medicinesTwo-channel pulpitisTwo-channel tooth (mechanical and medical treatment)Two-channel tooth, root canal fillingUnsealing of one canal (Reendo-removal of material, mechanical processing)Unsealing of root canals (complex, 1 canal)Unsealing of root canals (simple, 1 canal)Using the ICON system (DMG - Germany)Washing the infected canal with calcium hydroxide + temporary fillingZirconia crownZirconia crown on the implantС-3 (deep caries)










In vitro fertilization, IVF (IVF)

Infectious diseases

Laser hair removal

Laser - facial hair removalLaser epilation - areolas of the mammary glandLaser Hair Removal - ArmpitsLaser hair removal - back of the neck, back of the headLaser hair removal - between the eyebrowsLaser Hair Removal - ChinLaser hair removal - collar zoneLaser hair removal - earsLaser hair removal - eyebrow growth correctionLaser hair removal - female arm in fullLaser hair removal - female backLaser hair removal - female bellyLaser hair removal - female buttocksLaser hair removal - female cheeksLaser hair removal - female legs completelyLaser hair removal - female legs from foot to hips 75%Laser hair removal - foreheadLaser hair removal - front surface of the neckLaser hair removal - hands and fingersLaser hair removal - lower third of the faceLaser hair removal - male abdomenLaser hair removal - male arm (from hand to elbow)Laser hair removal - male arm in fullLaser hair removal - male arms above the elbowLaser hair removal - male backLaser hair removal - male buttocksLaser hair removal - male cheeksLaser hair removal - male chestLaser hair removal - male legs completelyLaser hair removal - male legs from foot to hips 75%Laser hair removal - male legs from foot to knee 50%Laser hair removal - men's classic bikiniLaser hair removal - men's deep bikiniLaser Hair Removal - NeckLaser Hair Removal - NoseLaser hair removal - rear of the foot + toesLaser hair removal - sideburnsLaser hair removal - temporal areaLaser hair removal - upper lipLaser hair removal - white line of the abdomenLaser hair removal - woman's arm above the elbowLaser hair removal - women's classic bikiniLaser hair removal - women's decolleteLaser hair removal - women's deep bikiniLaser hair removal - women's legs from foot to knee 50%Laser hair removal (from foot to knee)Laser hair removal for women, sternum areaLaser hair removal of a female arm (from hand to elbow)

Laser procedures on the CO2 machine

Laser therapy


Manual therapy

Massages with professional oils


Multipolar radio wave therapy (RF-lifting)







Obstetrics and Gynecology

Aesthetic gynecologist consultationAesthetic plastic surgery of the urogenital area (fillers)Anesthesia - Spinal Anesthesia (SMA)Chemical coagulation of condylomas (1pc)Chemical coagulation s/m (without the cost of medicines)Diagnostic hysteroscopy, hysteroscopic removal of polyps and uterine fibroidsDifficult IUD removalErosion coagulation (one session - high frequency)Gynecological uterus massageGynecologist consultation (online)Gynecologist's consultationhydrotubationInspection (using tools)Installation of an intrauterine device (IUD)Installation of the Navy MirenaIntrauterine inseminationIntrauterine instillation of medicinal mixtures (b / m)Introduction of the IUD (without the cost of the IUD)IUD removal with a gynecological hookLymphotropic administration of antibioticsManchester operation (combination of anterior colporrhaphy with amputation of the cervix and colpoperteoplastyMedical procedures (baths, douching, treatment of the vagina and cervix with medicinal preparationsOncogynecologist consultationOperation - conization of the cervixOperation - extirpation of the cyst of the Bartholin glandOperation - plastic surgery of the labia minoraOperations on the cervix - plastic rupture of the vaginal part of the cervix according to EmmettPap test (papanicolaou)Paracervical blockadePerineal surgery after birth ruptureRemoval of a polyp from the cervical canalRemoval of the intrauterine device (IUD)Sanitation of the vaginaSurgery for amputation of the cervix with plastic surgery of the uterine pharynx according to SturmdorfSurgery for partial closure of the vagina according to KaruSurgery to eliminate low vaginal-rectal fistulasSurgery to open an abscess of the Bartholin glandSurgery to remove benign tumors of the vulvaThe course of conservative treatment of primary infertility 1 degreeThe course of conservative treatment of primary infertility 2nd degreeThe course of treatment of gynecological inflammatory diseases of the 1st degree (1 course of treatment)The course of treatment of gynecological inflammatory diseases of the 2nd degree (1 course of treatment)The course of treatment of gynecological inflammatory diseases of the 3rd degree (1 course of treatment)Treatment of erosion of the cervix without lek. means (1 procedure)Ultrasonic hydrosonographyVaginal surgery - anterior colporrhaphy with bladder plastic surgeryVaginal surgery - plasty of the posterior wall of the vagina and perineum with convergence of levatorsVaginal treatment






Adenotomy (endoscopic + laser)Adenotomy (endoscopic)Adenotomy with local anesthesiaAdministration of drugs through the auditory tubeAnemization of the nasal cavityAntrotomyBehind the ear injectionBlowing into the auditory tubeBlowing the Eustachian tube according to PolitzerCauterization of the bloodiest vessels (Kieselbach)Coagulation of the vessels of the nasal cavityConsultation of an otolaryngologistConsultation of an otolaryngologist (online)Dissection of synechiaeEar wash with medicationEar washingElectrophoresis with drugsEndoscopic examination of the nasal cavityEndoscopic surgery - ethmoidectomyEndoscopic surgery - micromaxillary sinusectomy with infundibulectomy (2 sides)Endoscopic surgery - micromaxillary sinusectomy with infundibulotomy (1 side)Endoscopic surgery - plastic surgery of the middle turbinates (2 sides)Endoscopic surgery - plasty of the inferior turbinatesEndoscopic surgery - plasty of the middle turbinates (1 side)Endoscopic surgery - septoplasty (complex)Endoscopic surgery - septoplasty (simple)Endoscopic surgery - shaver polypotomy (1 side)Endoscopic surgery - shaver polypotomy (2 sides)Eustachian tube catheterization (from 2 sides)Eustachian tube catheterization (on one side)Eustachian tube cathoterizationFlushing of the maxillary sinus through fistulasFlushing purulent discharge from the ear (on one side)Frenulum excisionFrontotomyGeneral cavity (radical) middle ear surgery (under microscope control)HymorotomyInfusion into the larynx of drugsInhalationInitial examination with endoscopy of the nose and nasopharynxInitial examination with nasal endoscopy and ear microscopyInsertion of drugs into the nose on both sidesIntralaryngeal infusionsIntravenous anesthesiaintravenous injectionIntubation anesthesiaLigation after opening an abscess (hematoma) of the ENT organsLymphotropic injectionsLymphotropic therapyNasal blockageNasal drug injectionsnasal showerOpening an abscessOpening of abscesses of ENT organsOpening of the abscess of the external auditory canalOpening of the paratonsillar abscessOperation OmeliaOtohematoma punctureOtolaryngologist consultation (at home)Perechondritis of purulent dissectionPolypotomyPrimary examination with endoscopy of the larynxProbing and washing of the operated sinuses (1 side)Probing and washing of the operated sinuses (2 sides)Probing of the maxillary, main and frontal sinuses (1 sinus)PuncturePuncturePuncture of the maxillary sinusPuncture of the maxillary sinus (one side)Putting medicines in the ear on one side (without rinsing the ear)Removal of a foreign body from the noseRemoval of a foreign body from the throatRemoval of a parotid fistulaRemoval of benign neoplasms of the larynxRemoval of benign neoplasms of the pharynxRemoval of epidermal plugs from the earRemoval of exostoses of the external auditory canal (under the control of a microscope)Removal of foreign bodies from ENT organsRemoval of foreign bodies from the ears, throat, nose, according to complexityRemoval of foreign bodies from the nose and earRemoval of foreign bodies in the ear canal, nose, throat, larynxRemoval of neoplasm of the ear canalReposition of the bones of the noseReposition the noseRestoration of the auditory tube with medicine through the tympanic cavityRhinomanometryRhinoplasty with septoplastyRinsing of the nasal cavity by the method of moving liquid along the ProetzSanitation of the external auditory canalsSeptoplastySinus probingSmall ent interventionSphenoiditisStopping nosebleeds (anterior tamponade)Stopping nosebleeds (posterior tamponade)Sulfur Plug Removal (one side)Taking a swabThe introduction of drugs in the behind-the-ear areaThe introduction of drugs intravenously dripThe introduction of drugs lymphotropicallyThroat smearingThroat treatmentTonsillectomyTonsillectomy (endoscopic)Tonsillectomy (laser)TonsillotomyTreatment of polysinusitis (1 side)Treatment of polysinusitis (2 sides)Treatment of the throat with drugsTympanoplasty - a hearing-improving operation (under microscope control)VasotomyWashing the ear and laying medicinal substances (on one side)Washing the ear canalWashing the ear canal (1 side)Washing the ear canals (2 sides)Washing the nasopharynxWashing the tonsils


Pediatric neurology





Plastic surgery

Podology (podiatry)

Proctology (coloproctology)











SPA-therapy for the body

Speech therapy-defectology







Vascular surgery (phlebology)



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