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Doctor Vinarov Eldar Aleksandrovich

Doctor physiotherapist: 5 services, 1 review, 4 patients, price of services from 15 000 Sum to 200 000 Sum. Reviews and online booking an appointment.

Vinarov Eldar Aleksandrovich
Reviews: 1
Patients: 4
Child Takes children
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Pointer   Tashkent, Mustaqillik Avenue, 59A
Physiotherapist's consultation
200 000 Sum
Free breathing: modern rehabilitation after COVID-19.

Those who have had COVID-19 may be left with fading foci of inflammation, weakness and dysfunction of the respiratory muscles. Therefore, the rehabilitation period is delayed, which can lead to the development of pulmonary fibrosis.

The most effective for rehabilitation are the first two months after the acute period of coronavirus infection.

High-intensity magnetic therapy is the main element of a comprehensive program that includes spirometry before and after treatment and, if necessary, breathing exercises.

It reduces the inflammatory response and allows more effective respiratory rehabilitation.

It helps even patients who have suffered severe forms of pneumonia.
Work experience
Status Medical Plus
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Job title
Work period
1994 - till now
Education / Training courses
Education type
Educational institution
Institution of higher education
Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute
Faculty / Areas / Department
Period of study
1986 - 1994

Doctor's services in the clinic Status Medical Plus

Appointment at the clinic
Magnetotherapy 40 000 Sum
Darsonval 20 000 Sum
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