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Doctor Rakhmonova Lola Zhumakulovna

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Rakhmonova Lola Zhumakulovna
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Child Takes children
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Pointer   Tashkent, Obirahmat street, 35
ABA therapist consultation
200 000 Sum
An ABA therapist is a specialist in the field of behavior therapy or ABA (Applied behavior analysis) methodology.

The ABA therapist identifies the child's behavioral problem, studies and observes the behavior, as a result of which an assessment is made and a learning strategy is developed.

The task of the ABA therapist is to determine the function of the child's behavior and its correction, so that the child can learn the necessary behavioral skills and overcome the developmental lag.
Work experience
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Job title
Work period
ABA therapist
2018 - till now
Education / Training courses
Education type
Educational institution
Institution of higher education
Uzbek State University of World Languages
Faculty / Areas / Department
Russian philology
Period of study
ABA therapist
2012 - 2016
Education / Training
Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA course by Julia Erts)
Russia Moscow
Period of study
2022 - 2022

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