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Doctor Nazarova Raieno Naziralievna

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Nazarova Raieno Naziralievna
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Pointer   Tashkent, Zohidov Street, 8G
General massage
220 000 Sum
Back pain has many causes. It manifests itself in the form of clamps and spasms, which leads to blocks and muscle atrophy.
I recommend doing a therapeutic massage of the back and neck to all people without exception, especially those with a sedentary lifestyle.
Ten sessions of such a massage will relieve discomfort in the back and lower back, remove clamps and help you feel much more cheerful.
It is important that the massage is professional!
Work experience
Klinicheskaia bolnitsa #3
Uzbekistan, Tashkent
Job title
Work period
Nurse, massage therapist
2012 - 2022
Eurosun Healthcare
Uzbekistan, Tashkent
Job title
Work period
Nurse, massage therapist
2022 - till now
Education / Training courses
Education type
Educational institution
Secondary educational institution
Borovsky Medical School
Faculty / Areas / Department
Period of study
1989 - 1991

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General massage 220 000 Sum
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