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Doctor Kononenko Galina Nikolaevna

Doctor ultrasound doctor: 23 services, 0 reviews, 3 patients, price of services from 60 000 Sum to 180 000 Sum. Reviews and online booking an appointment.

Kononenko Galina Nikolaevna
Reviews: 0
Patients: 3
Child Takes children

Kononenko Galina Nikolaevna

Doctor of the highest category
Experience: 41 year
Appointment takes place at:
Pointer   Tashkent, Mustaqillik Avenue, 59A
Thyroid ultrasound
90 000 Sum
Specializes in non-invasive examination of human internal organs and tissues using ultrasound
Work experience
Status Medical Plus
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Job title
Work period
Ultrasound doctor
1983 - till now
Education / Training courses
Education type
Educational institution
Institution of higher education
Tashkent State Medical Institute
Faculty / Areas / Department
Ultrasound diagnostics
Period of study
Ultrasound doctor
1977 - 1983
Scientific achievements
Academic degree
Doctor of the highest category
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