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Doctor Ismoilov Bekzod Bakhtierovich

Doctor ultrasound doctor: 14 services, 0 reviews, 0 patients, price of services from 45 000 Sum to 100 000 Sum. Reviews and online booking an appointment.

Ismoilov Bekzod Bakhtierovich
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Ismoilov Bekzod Bakhtierovich

Doctor of the third category
Experience: 2 years
Appointment takes place at:
Pointer   Tashkent, Choshtepa Street, 410
Ultrasound of the cervical vessels (dopplerography)
70 000 Sum
Specializes in the recognition of diseases using ultrasound waves.
Work experience
Sino Professional Medical
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Job title
Work period
Ultrasound doctor
2022 - till now
Education / Training courses
Education type
Educational institution
Institution of higher education
Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute
Faculty / Areas / Department
Clinical Radiology
Period of study
Ultrasound doctor
2019 - 2022
Scientific achievements
Academic degree
Doctor of the third category
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