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Clinic Rustamov’s clinic

Rustamov’s clinic in Tashkent: 3 doctors, 4 services, 1 review, 6 patients, price of services from 100 000 Sum to 100 000 Sum. Online booking an appointment.

Rustamov’s clinic
Reviews: 1
Patients: 6

Rustamov’s clinic

Appointment takes place at:
Pointer  Tashkent, Feruza Street, 20
Services in development
Price on request
The medical center "Rustamov's" provides medical services by specialists in therapeutic specialties in:

- Cardiology;
- Neurology;
- Gastroenterology;
- Endocrinology.

Various laboratory (analyses) and ultrasound examinations are carried out.

Since 2017, the specialists of the medical center have started a screening program for the diagnosis of certain precancerous diseases,
which will prevent their development or detect this formidable disease at an early stage.

For more than 22 years, the specialists of our clinic have been guarding your health!
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