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MEDIMAX in Tashkent: 7 doctors, 193 services, 58 reviews, 216 patients, price of services from 15 000 Sum to 4 900 000 Sum. Online booking an appointment.

Reviews: 58
Patients: 216


Appointment takes place at:
Pointer  Tashkent, Mirzo Ulugbek District, Ahmad Yugnakiy Residential Area, G-40
17-OH Progesterone
100 000 Sum
The MEDIMAX clinic, a private multidisciplinary medical center, has been returning to people for almost 20 years
the most important values ​​in life are health, well-being, good mood.

Today MEDIMAX is a high-level clinic that meets all the requirements of a modern medical and diagnostic center:

- the latest equipment
- highly qualified medical staff
- individual approach to each patient
- a wide range of services provided.

The priority direction of the MEDIMAX clinic remains proctology. In the treatment of diseases of this profile are used
methods and equipment that have no analogues in other clinics. In particular, this is a number of unique non-surgical techniques,
from which the doctor has the opportunity to choose the method of treatment that is ideally suited to each particular patient.
And the sensitive nature of this profile implies complete confidentiality.

For operations, the MEDIMAX clinic has several operating rooms with a high degree of sterility:
The halls of the clinic are equipped with the latest equipment with a multi-level air purification system.

The MEDIMAX clinic also practices the involvement of surgeons for the operation on a contract basis.

After the operation, patients are offered both hospitalization in a comfortable hospital of the clinic and outpatient treatment.
in a specially equipped unit.

Areas of work:

- Proctology;
- Cardiology;
- Gynecology;
- Neurology;
- Physiotherapy;
- Endocrinology;
- Ultrasound diagnostics;
- Laboratory research.
Albumin 35 000 Sum
Aldosterone 200 000 Sum
Bilirubin total 50 000 Sum
Brucellosis IgG 50 000 Sum
C-peptide 120 000 Sum
Calcitonin 200 000 Sum
Chlorine 40 000 Sum
Cortisol 70 000 Sum
Creatine kinase 40 000 Sum
Creatinine 35 000 Sum
Estradiol 70 000 Sum
Fibrinogen assay 40 000 Sum
Free b-hCG 70 000 Sum
glucose in urine 45 000 Sum
Histology 220 000 Sum
Insulin 140 000 Sum
Iron 35 000 Sum
Magnesium 35 000 Sum
Potassium 35 000 Sum
Progesterone 70 000 Sum
Prolactin 70 000 Sum
Renin 200 000 Sum
Rubella 125 000 Sum
Sodium (Na+) 35 000 Sum
Spermogram 55 000 Sum
Thymol test 40 000 Sum
total protein 35 000 Sum
Triglycerides 45 000 Sum
Zinc (Zinc, Zn) 110 000 Sum
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