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Clinic Klinika doktora Maksudovoi (DMC)

Klinika doktora Maksudovoi (DMC) in Tashkent: 14 doctors, 131 services, 8 reviews, 28 patients, price of services from 32 000 Sum to 4 235 000 Sum. Online booking an appointment.

Klinika doktora Maksudovoi (DMC)
Reviews: 8
Patients: 28

Klinika doktora Maksudovoi (DMC)

Appointment takes place at:
Pointer  Tashkent, Buyuk Ipak Yuli Street, 375
Services in development
Price on request
DMC Clinic is the most modern medical and diagnostic center providing a wide range of
medical services.
It is important for us that each patient receives highly qualified assistance from our specialists,
as well as service at the level of European standards.

Areas of work:

- Ophthalmology;
- Computer biofeedback;
- Neurology;
- Kinesitherapy
- Laboratory research;
- Otolaryngology;
- Orthopedics;
- Pediatrics;
- Endocrinology;
- Comprehensive rehabilitation;
- Stationary.
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