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Clinic Global Medical Center

Global Medical Center in Tashkent: 10 doctors, 114 services, 3 reviews, 48 patients, price of services from 25 000 Sum to 200 000 Sum. Online booking an appointment.

Global Medical Center
Reviews: 3
Patients: 48

Global Medical Center

Appointment takes place at:
Pointer  Tashkent, Yangi Sergeli Street, 35
Analysis of excretions in women (from 3 points)
60 000 Sum
GLOBAL MEDICAL CENTER is a multidisciplinary medical center that includes outpatient diagnostics and inpatient treatment.

Modern design, practicality, functionality and elegant interior of the center contribute to
faster recovery of patients.
The center is intended not only for the examination and treatment of patients, but also for the rest of visitors.

The main advantage of GLOBAL MEDICAL CENTER is a natural source of mineral water.
?A hospital, an outpatient diagnostics department, a physiotherapy department are organized in the center.
?The center employs doctors and candidates of medical sciences, as well as doctors of the highest category with extensive experience,
able not only to make a correct diagnosis in the shortest possible time, but also to carry out an adequate course of treatment,
which will relieve you of the diseases that disturb you.

Areas of work:

- Pediatrics;
- Therapy;
- Dermatology;
- Allergology;
- Nephrology;
- Gynecology;
- Gastroenterology;
- Traumatology;
- Urology;
- Radiology;
- Ultrasound diagnostics;
- Laboratory research.
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