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Clinic Gavhar Clinic

Gavhar Clinic in Tashkent: 10 doctors, 97 services, 14 reviews, 105 patients, price of services from 12 000 Sum to 150 000 Sum. Online booking an appointment.

Gavhar Clinic
Reviews: 14
Patients: 105

Gavhar Clinic

Appointment takes place at:
Pointer  Kibray District, Urban Settlement of Salar, Fazokorlar street, 46
35 000 Sum
Gavhar Clinic is a specialized private traumatology and orthopedics in Uzbekistan.

The modern equipment of the clinic allows performing the most complex operations with minimal trauma for the patient,
which allows you to achieve the best functional, clinical and aesthetic result
for short hospital stays.

The operating departments located in the clinic are considered to be among the most modern
and technically equipped in Uzbekistan. They are equipped with the most sophisticated medical equipment, and work
in operating rooms is carried out in accordance with high quality standards.
Anesthesia and control of life support systems during operations are carried out by experienced doctors of the anesthesiology-resuscitation department.

The personal experience of doctors allows to carry out such operations:

- Operations for deformities of the feet.
- Endoprosthetics of large joints.
- Operations to provide urgent trauma care.
- Arthroscopic surgery for intra-articular pathology.
- Non-surgical procedures.

Our task is to make the operation as comfortable and safe as possible, to help you again.
believe in yourself and understand that there is always a second chance!
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