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Clinic Detoks Medikal

Detoks Medikal in Tashkent: 1 doctor, 8 services, 0 reviews, 13 patients, price of services from 110 000 Sum to 2 500 000 Sum. Online booking an appointment.

Detoks Medikal
Reviews: 0
Patients: 13

Detoks Medikal

Appointment takes place at:
Pointer  Tashkent, Yunusabad District, Yunusobod Residential Area, 15-mavze, 77
Services in development
Price on request
Private clinic Detoks Medical provides a wide range of services to all those in need
for the treatment of disorders at the psychological level, such as:

- Advisory services
- Diagnostic procedures
- Psychotherapy
- Coding from alcoholism and tobacco smoking (psychocorrectional method)
- Tests for drugs.

For each patient, specialists select an individual approach.
Anonymity guaranteed!

Be healthy and independent.
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